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Rabu, 16 Januari 2019

World of Social Network
By: Des'z

Here you are, Live in 20th century where is this can be called “Millennials Generation”. There are many people living with their gadget and using media social to make relationship with people in another world. Not just for making chit chat with people but also using this gadget for making something that useful on their life such as youtuber who are trying to get money with upload their daily video/vlog on youtube, selling online, and etc. Besides that, digital era with many social media applications in it, can give more negative or positive impact for the user itself.
According to a study from influencer marketing agency mediakix “Over the course of a lifetime, people spend an average of five years and four months on social media”. MIT Technology Review that research shown the average person in the United States spend 23.6 hours online- way up 9.4 hours in 2000. It shows that a lot of time their spent just for online in media social platform. This can mess our body health as losing sleep, mood, and other factors that contribute our overall mental wellness.
For examples we will constantly comparing ourselves to others or it will be worse if we talk about the scandal of that person. This cases usually appear when you see on the media social platform where there is showing you a picture or statuses of someone. However, this habit can be super unhealthy for us. The positive impact that you can get from media social itself. You will get new friends, learning something new, and also you can get money from there like selling something.
In this eras you should be smart person when you are using media social or gadget.  It can change your personality not interactive with condition around you or change you to be an introvert person. So, as human being do not just accept something that you think good for you without filtering it. But you must be smart person with understanding it firstly.